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Personal Instruction in the Billings Method

The web service is free to those who agree to have their anonymous records used for our research into computer-based learning of the Billings Method. Otherwise there is a two week free trial period, and then a one-off charge of $20. Either way, you receive automated guidance and can chart for as long as you wish.

You can get assistance on-line from a Billings Method fertility educator. Initial assistance is available to anyone who pays the $20 fee for the automated guidance and charting service. This entitles you to assistance for a period of two months after the trial period. Ongoing assistance is available for an additional fee that can be negotiated.

No personal identifying information is contained in your web service records.

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billingsMentor was first released as a web service in 2009 and has been under continuous monitoring, improvement and development. The first cell phone app was released in 2015.